Bjoern Diekert

Bjoern Diekert, born in Eckernfoerde / Germany, raised in Kiel / Germany where he still lives. Today he is owner and CEO of The Braid UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) – a company for design, events, fashion and lifestyle.

As Designer for Web (Desktop & Mobile-Devices), Printmedia and as Application-Devolper he created groundbraking concepts for his clients and projects.

In 2005 Bjoern began to work für WISLI World Internet Service Ltd. / London, 2007 he founded his first Design-Agency. With succes he founded in 2010 the parent company The Braid UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) in Kiel / Germany with his partner Jan-Christoph Borkenstein.

The Braid is ordered in the subsidiarys for media (»mediaism), event (»eventism) and lifestyle (» i love ism). The concept for The Braid is short and simple: working with passion, with young openminded people and working for the project, not just for the money.